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If you are thinking of selling your home, chances are you are caught up in a mass of emotions. You may be looking forward to moving to a new home or facing the uncertainty of a major move across country. You may be reluctant to leave your memories behind or eager to start new and exciting adventures. I am here to help you with any of your needs. Call or email me today!

Setting the Listing Price
In setting the list price for your home, you should be aware of a buyer’s frame of mind. Based on a list of houses for sale in your neighborhood, buyers will determine which houses they want to view. Consider the following pricing factors:

  • If you set the price too high, your house will not be picked for viewing, even though it may be much nicer than others in the area.
  • If you price too low, you will short-change yourself. Your house will sell promptly, yes, but before it has time to find the buyer who would have paid more.


Using Comparable Sales

No matter how attractive and polished your house may be, buyers will be comparing it's price with everything else on the market. Your best guide is a record of what the buying public has been willing to pay in the past few months for property in your neighborhood like yours.

I can furnish data on sale figures for those "comps", and analyze them for a suggested listing price. The decision about how much to ask, though, is always yours. The list of comparable sales I can provide to you, along with data about other houses in your neighborhood presently on the market, is used for a "Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)."


To determine the proper list price, contact me today and I will provide you with a complete Comparitive Market Analysis Report that includes valuable information and explanations. Here are just a few items this FREE report will include:

  • Comparable Properties in the Area
  • Active and/or Inactive Listings for Comparison
  • Suggested Listing Price
  • Valuable Information Reports: How to Get Yourself Ready, Getting Your Home Ready, Open House Checklist, Getting Inspections, Moving Checklist.